Engine Repair Service

Our experience throughout almost three decades of engine overhaul and repair to the widest range – in both speed and size – of engine enables us to tackle the servicing and overhaul most engine types and makes.

High speed engines 2100rpm 150mm bore 2500 rpm

We can service and overhaul most engine types and builds. From complete rebuilds to top overhauls.

  • Engine overhaul and parts supply
  • Inspection
  • Crankshaft grinding and polishing
  • Overhaul of cylinder heads, valve and seat reconditioning.
  • In-frame overhaul
  • Honing of liners

Medium speed engines 200mm to 430mm bore 1000 rpm

Backed by three decades of working worldwide for owners and operators in marine and industrial applications for medium-speed engines, we offer:

  • Engine overhaul and parts supply
  • Inspection
  • Commissioning to most medium speed engines
  • In-frame overhaul of cylinder heads, piston, connecting rods, cylinder liners
  • Main bearing exchange
  • Crankshaft removal and rebuild
  • Cylinder liner landing machining up to 400mm bore

Slow speed engines 350mm to 1000mm bore

Our slow speed diesel work, predominantly in the marine environment, includes:

  • Unit overhaul
  • Cylinder head and piston removal
  • Piston rod seal and overhaul
  • Cylinder liner exchange
  • Bearing inspection and overhaul
  • Bottom, crosshead and main bearings

Our specialist engineers at our workshops in Great Yarmouth and on Teesside can overhaul engines and equipment – from the complete removal and overhaul of high-speed diesels to the overhaul of component parts from medium and slow-speed units.

We can overhaul removed equipment too:

  • Cylinder head overhaul
  • Valve refacing
  • Valve seat cutting
  • Cylinder head face refacing
  • Cylinder liner refurbishment and honing
  • Crankshaft regrinds and polishing
  • Relief valve overhaul
  • Cooler and cylinder head pressure testing

STM Engine Services tackles on-site overhaul of engines for marine, offshore and industrial applications. From overhauls and breakdown repairs to the total in-frame overhaul of engines and re-commissioning and set-to work.